• Duane Mertes Memorial  Pheasant Restoration Scholarship      Due:   April 1st

    The Lake Region Pheasant Restoration Association will sponsor two annual scholarships in the amount of $250 per scholarship. One graduating senior from the Langford High School and one graduating senior from the Britton-Hecla High School will receive the award.





    LockHeed Martin Vocational Scholarship      Due: April 1st

    Lockheed Martin has launched a new scholarship program that will award up to 150 scholarships.

    • Be a U.S. Citizen
    • Current high school seniors, graduate (GED equivalent), or are college undergraduates who have not obtained a bachelor’s degree
    • Planning to enroll full-time at an accredited vocational technical school, trade school, two-year community college or state college
    • Pursuing a degree or vocational-technical certificate in one of the specified areas of study:

    Fields of Study

    Specific Majors

    Computer & Information Sciences, Support Services

    Computer and Information Sciences, Computer and Information Systems Security, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Computer Software Engineer, Computer Support Specialist, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Networking & Telecommunications, Data Processing Tech, Information Sciences, Information Technology, System Administration, System Networking, Web Page Design

    Engineering Technologies/Technicians

    Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineer Tech, Automation Engineer Tech, CAD Drafting and Design, Computer Engineer Tech, Computer Hardware Tech, Computer Software Tech, Computer Technology/Computer Systems Tech, Electrical/Electronics Tech, Electromechanical Tech, Engineering Tech, Industrial Tech, Instrumentation Tech, Laser and Optical Tech, Manufacturing Tech, Mechanical Engineer Tech, Quality Control Tech, Robotics Tech

    Mechanic & Repair Technologies

    Aircraft Powerplant Tech, Airframe Mechanics & Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics Maintenance Tech, Electrical/Electronic Equipment Install & Repair, Heating & AC Maintenance, Industrial Mechanics Tech, Mechanics & Repairers

    Precision Production

    CNC Machinist Tech, Machine Shop Tech, Machine Tool Tech, Tool and Die Tech, Welding Tech

    Transportation & Materials Moving

    Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science and Tech

    Security & Protective Services

    Computer Forensics






    Charles Johnson Education and Training Trust          Due: April 1st

    The students to be recognized with this award are to be of good character and planning to pursue Careers in Manufacturing and Technology including but not limited to: Precision Machining, Welding, Electronics, Robotics, Energy Technology, Engineering, Construction Management, etc. Any high school senior residing in Day County is eligible to apply for this scholarship.

    Award Selection Criteria

    • Minimum 2.0 GPA

    • Academic orientation

    • Qualifying major related to manufacturing or technology.

    • Character qualities possessed by applicant

    • Essay of goals and future plans 

    Application is attached.



    Lamport Family Scholarship          Due: April 1st

    The purpose of this grant is to provide scholarships to graduates of Marshall County schools in memory of Steve Lamport and the Lamport Family. Applicants must exhibit the qualities of leadership, good citizenship, honesty, and personal initiative.  The amount and number of scholarships awarded shall be determined by the Board of Trustees and will be based on the amount of funding available for distribution.





    LockHeed Martin STEM Scholarship        Due: April 1st

    LockHeed Martin is awarding 200 renewable scholarships of $10,000 each. Awards are open to individuals studying eligible engineering or computer science majors, who demonstrate financial need and come from underrepresented or underserved communities.






    Web Water Scholarship           Due: April 1st

    Three $1,000 scholarships ($3,000 total) will be awarded to graduating seniors who reside within the WEB Water service area and are enrolled or plan to enroll in a full-time course of study at an accredited institution of higher learning, including a vocational/technical school, two-year or four-year college, or university in the fall of the year the scholarship is given. The application is attached.




    Inez Taylor Walter Scholarship Fund            Due: April 1st

    The Inez Taylor Walter Scholarship Fund was established by Harley Taylor in memory of his sister, Inez Walter who was from the Ipswich area. The scholarship is for high school students in South Dakota. Preference in awarding this scholarship will be given to a student planning on attending a South Dakota or North Dakota college or university in the field of nursing. The application is attached.




    Donald H. Quimby Memorial Scholarship            Due: April 1st

    This scholarship provides a one-time $350 award to a worthy South Dakota high school graduate attending a post-secondary institution. Donald Quimby spent his professional life in service to others as a teacher, coach, and administrator. He believed that everyone should have the same opportunity at a higher education, regardless of GPA. Applicants for this scholarship award must meet the following minimum criteria: Graduate from a South Dakota high school; Submit a 300 to 500-word essay detailing your personal story, interests and educational goals. The application is attached.



    SDATAT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM           Due: April 1st

    The South Dakota Association of Towns & Townships is offering one $1000 and one $500 scholarship to two senior high school students who reside in South Dakota, are currently attending a South Dakota public, private, parochial high school or a home school program, and lives in a town or township that is a current member of SDATAT. (A membership list is available on the sdtownships.com website) or contact your local town/ township board. Graduates of the class of 2021 are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The student must use the scholarship for a college, university, or vocational school which has a physical presence in South Dakota. Applicants must complete an application form and submit it along with their essay on this year’s topic. The application is attached and available:




    SDACTE Scholarship         Due: April 1st

    SD high school seniors attending any SD Technical School OR applying or been accepted into on of the following fields at any SD University: Health, Business, Trade and Industry, Marketing , Agricultural Education, or Family Consumer Science Education.




    USA Softball Scholarship               Due: April 1st

    Scholarships are awarded to students who have participated in USA softball of South Dakota and are furthering their education after high school. Students must have participated in USA softball for at least 3 years as either a player, umpire, or coach. The application is attached.



    NFU Foundation's Stanley Moore Scholarship & the Hubert K. & JoAnn Seymour Scholarship            Due: April 1st

    Must be a Farmers Union member. Application is attached.



    SD Weedfighters Scholarship:             Due: April 1st

    1. Must be a citizen of the U.S. and a South Dakota resident
    2. Must be a high school graduate, funding after you complete one semester in college
    3. A post-secondary student with an agriculture production, precision farming, agronomy, entomology or Natural Resources as fields of student in a South ESSAY:
    4. The essay should discuss the theme “Why do we need to take care of Noxious Weeds and how does that effect the agriculture economy?”
    5. At the end of your essay please name at least three members of your County Weed and Pest Board, if the board exists.
    6. The essay should be typed and double-spaced, with approximately 500 words.
    7. Put your name, college/university or technical school and major field of study at the top of each page.
    8. Dakota College, University or Technical School


    Minimum scholarship to be awarded is $500 or more. The application is attached or is available at:




    SDSTE TECHNOLOGY SCHOLARSHIP                 Due: April 3rd

    Applicants must:

    1. Be a graduating High School senior enrolling or who has gained acceptance to a post-secondary educational institution in the field of Educational Technology or Informational Technology related field.
    2. Provide an official high school transcript demonstrating a minimum 2.5 grade point average or above.
    3. Have a current member of SDSTE in their district(Ms. Hill is a current member) or have a parent who is a current member of SDSTE.






    DSG Education Connection Fund Scholarship         Due: April 5th

    Student must reside in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota or Wisconsin. Student must have been accepted to a program in a trade profession (such as electrician, plumber, HVAC/R technician, utility worker, etc.)





    Jean Conley Brokaw Scholarship                                             Due: April 5th

    Any student with a Day County address is eligible to apply.

    The Application is attached.



    Sanford Health Network Scholarship         Due: April 11th

    Seniors who plan to pursue a degree in a healthcare-related field.




    Dakota Relays Gold Medal Scholarship           Due: April 13th

    South Dakota senior track and field athlete who has participated in a Howard Wood Dakota Relay and has committed to attend a college/university and continue a track and field career. Application is attached.



    Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey Memorial Scholarship           Due: April 13th 

    Must be a member of an American Indian Tribe and be attending a public or non-public accredited university, college or technical college
    located in South Dakota.  Application is attached.



    South Dakota Grand Commandery Knights Templar Scholarship            Due: April 15th

    Scholarship is open to students who plan on attending one of the four Technical Colleges in South Dakota. Information is attached.



    Kids Chance Scholarship                                                                        Due: April 15th

    • Must be between the ages of 16 – 25 years old
    • Must (a) be a graduating high school student in good standing, (b) currently possess a high school diploma or GED, or (c) be currently enrolled and in good standing at a post-secondary institution or trade school.
    • Dependent of a parent who suffered either an on the job fatality or injuries that have had a significant adverse effect on family income.
    • Proceeds can only be used for tuition, fees or room and board at a vocational/technical school, junior college, undergraduate or graduate programs. Proceeds will be paid directly to the institution.
    • Prior to award of the scholarship, applicant must demonstrate that they meet the minimum criteria for acceptance to the institution to which they have applied. This can be accomplished by either submitting the formal acceptance letter from the institution, or providing documentation (transcripts, tests scores) meeting the institution’s minimum admission criteria.
    • Scholarship awards are contingent on availability of funds and may be renewed




    Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey Scholarship                  Due: April 15th

    • Be an enrolled member of an American Indian tribe
    • Must attend a public or non-public accredited university, college or technical institute located in South Dakota




    Grand Lodge Masons Scholarship            Due: April 15th

    The Grand Lodge A. F. & A. M. of South Dakota will award several scholarships of $1,000 this year to South Dakota residents who plan to attend a public or private college, university or technical school. Preference will be given to students attending a school in South Dakota. Successful candidates will demonstrate financial need, scholastic capability, and have a family connection, either by blood or marriage, to a member of the Masonic fraternity, either living or deceased. Scholarships will be granted for one year, but may be applied for each year for a maximum of five years. The Scholarship is attached. 



    Scottish Rite              Due: April 15th

    Book grants of $250.00 to assist in buying textbooks are awarded to high school graduates or college students going to a SD post-secondary school of their choice.  The application attached.

    Completed applications should be submitted by mail to:

    Aberdeen Valley Scottish Rite

    P.O. Box 1026

    Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401




    Plains Commerce Bank Scholarship                 Due: April 15st

    Multiple scholarships awarded to high school seniors who are attending a post-secondary South Dakota college, university, or tech school on a full-time basis. The scholarships are based primarily on an individual’s activities, community involvement, character and need, and not GPA. The student or student’s parents must be a customer of Plains Commerce Bank to be eligible. The application is attached or can be accessed at:




    Full Circle Ag                Due: April 15th

    Scholarships for student pursuing a two-year or four-year degree in agronomy or related crop production, or closely related fields. Applicants must live within the Full Circle Ag trade territory to be eligible. $500-$1000 scholarship will be awarded based on scholastic achievement, leadership in agriculture, and perceived ability to contribute to agriculture in the future. Mrs. Lynde has the application.




    Gene Abdallah Scholarship Fund                  Due: April 15th

    Scholarship Criteria:

    1. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
    2. Pursuing a career in law enforcement.
    3. Letter of acceptance from a South Dakota college, university, or tech school.
    4. Submit a short essay describing:
      1. Their interest in law enforcement
      2. What type of law enforcement career they intend to pursue
      3. Any family history in law enforcement

    The application is attached.




    Sheriff Dale Elsen Memorial Scholarship                   Due: April 15th

    This scholarship is open to senior students from Marshall, Brown, Day and Roberts Counties, perusing a 2-4 yr degree in Criminal Justice or Social Services at a South Dakota College/University. It will be granted without regard to race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Funds will be dispersed to the students place of education at the end of the first semester, after providing a students GPA is 2.0 or Higher.





    Critical Needs Teaching Scholarship             Due: April 15th

    The purpose of the program is to encourage South Dakota's high school graduates to obtain their postsecondary education in South Dakota for teaching, to remain in the state upon completion of their education, and to contribute to the state and its citizens by working in a critical need teaching area. The application is attached and also available:





    South Dakota Retailers Scholarship          Due: April 19th 

    Applicant must desire a career in a retail field. Student must intend to enroll full-time at a post-secondary school. Awards will not be based solely on financial need or grades. Examples of areas of study considered to be retail-related may include (but are not be limited to): Accounting, Agribusiness, Apparel Merchandising, Auto Mechanics, Automotive Technology, Business Administration, Business Management, Computer Science, Commercial Baking, Culinary Arts, Diesel Mechanics, Electrical Maintenance, Heating/Ventilation, Hotel/Restaurant Management, Landscape Design, Pharmacy, Printing Industries, Refrigeration, Sales/Marketing Management, and Tourism Industry Management.     (Note: this list is not all-inclusive).