Allowing Flash on Chrome

Posted by Ann Marie Hill on 9/8/2020

How to allow Flash Settings in Chrome.

Chrome and most other web browsers will stop supporting Flash in 2020 because it is a security risk.  In the past “Flash” was allowed by default to run, but it is not allowed to run by default any longer. 

Flash can still be allowed to run “by session”.  This means that after allowing Flash to run, and you shut down your browser, your flash automatically re-disabled. So, the next time you run a program requiring Flash you will need to re-enable it. 

How to Enable Flash.

  1. In Chrome type in the following command in the address bar as shown below: “chrome://settings/content/flash”
  2. Chrome’s Flash Settings page should open as shown below

 Chrome Flash Setting

  1. Click the “Ask First” slider to the right and close the page. Chrome will not ask you if you want to allow flash to run.

Firefox and Microsoft Edge will run Flash without requiring you to change settings.  Both will just ask you if you want to run flash when it is required.

I know many educational sites still require “Flash”, if it is more convenient use Microsoft Edge as your browser when you go to those sites.


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